Crypto Analysis Transaction Visualization

CATV is a forensic tool that tracks both incoming and outgoing transactions of an inspected wallet, that illustrates the flow of tokens and type of wallets with which it interacts, in order to look for suspicious flow behavior such as that of tumbling and/or interaction with blacklisted or suspicious wallets as reported by our Threat Reputation Database (TRDB).


Agile investigations

By having access to a visual representation of the transactions, investigations concerning stolen assets or laundered funds can be accelerated significantly.

AML & CTF governance

For businesses that specifically deal with cryptocurrencies, using the CATV help to ensures that individual or organization do not inadvertently transact with cybercriminals. Organizations would also be able to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing.

Real-time access to the threat intel

It enabled users to identify emerging threats in cryptocurrencies transaction and prevent further implications. Data and visualization can be export for archive and Suspicious Transaction Report (STR).

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