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The UPPward Chrome, Firefox, Brave and Edge extensions are a one-stop protection solution against crypto scams and fraud. The TRDB-backed search engine provides a secure browsing experience where users can search URLs, domains, and wallet addresses to verify their authenticity. The free plugin flags phishing URLs and malicious wallet addresses to protect Internet users.

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Search engine

UPPward offers a search engine into the TRDB for a secure user browsing experience. Users are able to search URLs, domains, and wallet address to verify the authenticity.

Malicious data alerts

Malicious websites may steal personal information, infect your device with malware, and display fake wallet addresses. UPPward flags phishing sites and malicious wallet addresses to protect you.

Report hacks and scams

Your go-to place for reporting suspicious URLs, social media accounts, and wallet addresses. Crowdsourced threat intelligence makes threat intelligence data more complete.

The power of collective
security intelligence


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